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Design your own lure!

Trolling for pike perch and pike with own unique lure color scheme is rewarding. Design the coloring you want for your lure and start catching big fish. Choose a plug and start designing. It’s easy and fun!


Ottipeli offers a color design service for unique lures. In the service, you design the lure color scheme and choose the side patterns you want. When you are satisfied with the visuals, order the product for your home through a smooth purchase process. Your lure will be painted and post processed by hand. The finished product will be mailed to the address you provided.


In the design program, you can choose the colors for the side, tail, back and belly of the lure. In addition, you can choose the pattern and the color of eyes. If no other elements are selected, the side selection defines the color of the entire frame. You can always start the design from the beginning by pressing the restore icon on the left. Plus, you can download photos of your plans at any time with one click. Just click on the camera icon and you have the image for your use.


The purpose of the service provided by Ottipeli is to provide anglers with an easy, web-based platform where they can tailor unique color scheme and look for their needs. It is known that when the fish are on the attack mode, it is almost the same what kind of bait type is on the fishing line. Once the fish’s attack reflex has triggered, the point is clear. But when the positions of the moon are not right and the conditions are challenging, anglers ability to read the conditions comes into the picture. Such a situation would require accurate coloring of the lure. There are masses of lures on the store shelf, but when you are looking for a precise color, you often have to settle for the “nearest right".

It is especially rewarding when you start catching fish with your own colors. This happened to myself in summer 2019, when for the first time I used only my own colors in my lures. My fishing method is trolling and target fishes are pike and pike perch. The joy was great when I noticed that my colors actually worked. As evidence, I catched up biggest pike and pike perch of the season at my fishing club .

I hope you will enjoy Ottipeli body and its swimming. However, it is even more important than colors.

Best Regards,

Markku Kekkonen

Blank 110 / 120

The body of the blank is made of durable abs plastic. They have rattle balls inside, strong side-to-side swimming action and they floats steadily at different speeds. Most importantly, they have reported abundant catches both domestically and abroad. This body is perfect for the pike, pike perch and salmon.

Body details: 12.7 cm / 14.2 gr / swim depth 1-2 m / slow sinking / hook no 4

The hook has a specially shaped top-pointed tip. It is made of durable and lightweight carbon steel. The blanks uses a real-looking 3D eye. The lure ring has a diameter of 7 mm.

Even though the blanks are factory-balanced and the lures you order are instantly ready for use, you may still need to fine-tune their swimming. Quick Tip: If the lure swims on the left side, twist the nose ring to the right. If it swims on the right side, twist the nose ring to the left.